The last book I will ever buy! At Borders

Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Mass was the last book I ever bought at Borders. It was my piece of the Berlin Wall. Borders was hours from the not-so-long goodbye of our collective memories and I felt a need to hold on to something from our shared past.
I blame myself. I was a regular for a long time. I had the Borders reward card. I had my favorite seat in the cafe. I even bought a Hoobastank CD when the band came to play on stage in the music department. Then I slipped away to the new, shinny book store at the other mall. And now Borders is gone.
On that final day I picked through the 60-80% off shelves looking for a gem. Most of the remaining books had been deservedly passed over. Who would buy a Sarah Palin box set that hadn’t already received two as gifts?
Reading the jacket of the book I was hooked. Donald Maass is an agent and a writer with several non-fiction credits and fourteen novels using pseudonyms. I wonder if he uses just one pseudonym or does he have 14?  I never got the answer to that question but almost everything else I needed to know to write a breakout novel was in the book. I feel ready!


About Gary Baker

Writer specializing in Mystery, Travel, and Humor. I should write something funny about traveling to a mysterious Island.
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